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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Causes of the Civil War 1) Missouri Compromise:1) Missouri entered as a slave state.2) Maine entered as a free state3) The 36' 30" is drawn. This line suppose to decide weather slavery would be allowed in certain territories or not. 2) Wilmot Proviso: This was a plan to stop the spread of slavery into the territories won from Mexico. 3) Compromise of 1850:1) California entered as a free state.2) Area from Mexican session divided into Utah and New Mexico. Slavery issue to be decided by popular sovereignty.3) Ended slave trade in Washington D.C.4) Made a strict fugitive slave law.5) Settled boarder problems between New Mexico and Texas. 4) Popular Sovereignty and the Kansas - Nebraska Act:1) Divides lands into Kansas and Nebraska territories. 2) Decided that slavery issue would be decided by popular sovereignty. 3) Led to violence in the senate. 4) Pro-slavery and anti-slavery settlers in one area and this leads to conflict5) Northerners believed this repeals the Missouri compromise 5) Bleeding Kansas:It when Kansas was being voted on to be pro or anti slavery and everyone came to kansas to vote, what happened is that all the pro-slaves and anti-slaves started to fight and things got ugly. You could argue it was the first violence leading to the civil war. 6) Charles Sumner and Preston Brooks:They were important as causes of the civil war because they both fought agains slavery. 7) Beginning of Republican Party:In the presidential election of 1860, the Republican Party, led by Abraham Lincoln, had campaigned against the expansion of slavery beyond the states in which it already existed. 8) Dred Scott Case:1) Dred Scott was a slave2) He had an abolitionist attorneys file a law suit for him.3) The court ruled he was not a citizen, but rather property and therefore he could not file a lawsuit. 9) John Brown's raids on Harper Perry 1) John Brown led five blacks and thirteen whites into Harpers Ferry. 2) They planned to raid an arsenal and start a slave revolt.3) No slaves rose to help. 4) A number of his men died and Brown was arrested by Robert E. Lee.5) Brown was tried and found guilty of murder and treason. 10) Effect of Lincoln's election of 1860Lincoln ran against Douglass in the presidential election of 1860The southern states did not like Lincoln or what he believed in. They overwhelmingly supported Douglass yet Lincoln still got elected Southerners grew very angry. Said this showed it did not matter what their opinions were, the north had too much power.Many southerners talked of seceding from the Union
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