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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Work location Earnings Paid $18-60 k a year. It all depends on the number of photos sold each year and the rates the photos are received. Not paid as a intern. Work conditions Education Job description Personality required PHOTOJOUNALIST BY: ALEX RUSSELL PHOTOJOUNALIST BY: ALEX RUSSELL You can take courses in high school, university and in collage. It is helpful to study writing, interviewing, and editing. Many students at different programs are given internships but it is very hard to get an internship if you don't have any experience. To be a photojournalist youhave to have dedication, you have to have a good eye for taking good pictures,andyou have to travel around a lot so you need good people skills. Photojournalists are like photographers, except they take pictures of worldwide and newsworthy events. Then their photos are published in newspapers, magazines etc. Photojournalist Photojournalist Most photojournalists work at home, traveling is a major part of the job and you have to work in any weather or environment. Job Avalibility Like some jobs you have to make a portfolio, and when you find a paying job you have to supply your own camera equipment. Photojournalists often work irregular hours, work under stress, and have to be ready to cover events around the world at anytime. Sometimes when traveling workers cover wars, conflicts, natural disasters, accidents, crime scenes, and it can sometimes be very dangerous. People that work for big magazines and newspapers businesses are always looking for the best picture to use for their article, so if your talented and have connections then your work might get noticed. If you are new then you can call big corporations or maybe find a job online. Job Lists: Gannet JobsNew York times company job researchHearst corporationAssociation of alternative newsweekliesScripps job opportunities Cox newspapers newsroom jobsAlso find jobs on craiglist Photojournalist and Photographer Work
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