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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How and when France entered the war for independence in the colonies February 6th, 1778 is when the french started to send secret supplies to the colonists They started helping in the colonies secretely with secret supplies The french started doing this because they wanted to get back the power they had lost when they lost the seven years war The people who were impacted were the french and the colonists If the french did not join the war the colonists would not have stood the chance they did the people who were impacted were the french and the colonists The french entered the war so that they could get their honor back from the seven years war The french joined the war on the colonists side and allied with them so they could get revenge on the british for the seven years' war The colonists gained the benefits of the supplies and the ammunition they received from the french The benefits they received were important because without the they would have lost to the britishby either starvation or having no way to wage war they had not to many alternatives to the french other than the indians that hated them for the way they were treated The summary of our event is the french foreign minister was watching the war and waiting for the right time to get involved. In 1776 he decided it was time to and he started to secretly send supplies and financial aid to the colonists. in december of 1776 ' Benjamin franklin tried forming an alliance with the french but the french thought it was to early . but some french were getting impatient, so the ywent to america and starting enrolling as soldiers. The Americans gained their independence from the British I agree with the outcome of the because with out the out come i would not have the freedoms i do today The other possible outcomes for our event are the british winning the war and controlling our lives to this day or nobody could have won and the indians could have taken advantage of the war and killed off everyone. 3 4 1 2 5
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