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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1978 Dick & Carey Model Developed by Walter Dick, Lou Carey, & James Carey. 1977 Consist of 9 Elements 1. Instructional Problems2. Learners Characteristics3. Task Analysis4. Instructional Objectives5. Content Sequencing6. Instructional Strategies7. Defining the Message8. Instructional Delivery9. Evaluation Instruments Developed byJerrold E. Kemp. Created by:Jina Paima COMPARISON 1. Identify Goal2. Conduct Analysis3. Identify Behavior4. Performance Objective5. Develop Assessment Instruments 6. Develop Instructional Strategy7. Develop & Select Instructional material8. Formative Evaluation9 Summative Evaluation10. Revise Instruction Consist of 10 Components It is also knowas ADDIE Model Added ADDIE components to Analysis Kemp's Model Instructional design model is a systematic approach of implementing, developing and designing instructional materials for specific educational initiative. One of the most influencial ID Non-linear formFlexible structureCustomization option Managerial feedbackResource creation * Implementation * Delivery * Evaluation * ImprovementOption of choosing evaluation Linear formInflexible structureCan't function aloneLink between instructional strategy & learning outcomeReplicable & pragmatic design Sequential Evaluation * Formative * Summative * Confirmative Instructional Design
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