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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Manuel Freile, Galo Freile & Daniel Peña PSE 3 Hierarchy of Power Monarch: Female runners Unitary Government in the UK The Queen is the head of the state.The United Kingdom has aconstitutional government. Structure of Parliament Prime Minister Most like the president. He is the head of the government which is a group of persons chosen by the prime minister himself Parliament House of Commons & House of Lords. The Parliament is a bigger group of people in charge of discussing and approving new laws. House of lords They make laws and mostly discuss legislation.Unlike the house of commons they are not elected, they are appointed membership of the house.The Lords spiritual: the longest serving bishop of the Church of England.The Lords Temporal: The hereditarypeers, who may support a political party. House of Commons Both assemble in the palace of Westminster. They are publicly elected; it consists of 650 members of the parliament. (MPs)They consider and propose new lawsThey have the right to impose taxes, and to vote, or hold the money from public departments and services.One of the primarily function is debatingand passing laws.They make committees of 10 to 50 MPs; they examine issues like government policy,new laws and discuss about the economy. Members of Parliament The UK publicly elects the MPs, to represent their interest and concerns in the House of Commons.They are elected by everyone eligible to cast a vote in constituency, and they select one candidate to be their MPs.The different political parties represented by the MPs and House of Lords are expected to adhere to high standards in their public life. Ministers The cabinet is where the decision-making takesplace. Its composed of One Prime minister and22 cabinet ministers. The prime minister electsthem from both the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The prime minister has to be from the house of commons, its not elected directly, if one political party has most of members in the House of commons, then the leader of the party would be elected as the prime minister. Prime Minister: David Cameron Local Governments Responsabilities Division of Power Councils provide a wide range of services, either directly through their staffor by commisioning services from outside organizations.Most councils are mandatory meaning that it is not something you can choose not to do, it is law you must follow. Local governments are made up of councillors who are voted by the publicin local elections. Power is arranged by the following way:- Non Metropolitan counties- Unitary authorities -Metropolitan Counties -Greater LondonThis levels of powers are divided in two:-Upper tier authority -Lower tier authority
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