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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Waverly & her mom Charlie & Don Billy and Mike Lau Po and Waverly The relationship of Waverly and Lau Powas full of knowlage.Inthe story it states" By the end of summer, Lau Po had taughtme all he Knew..." Their friendship got startedbecause of chess."By the end of the summerLau Po had taught me all he knew, and I had become abetter chess player." Mike and his Dad had areally close relationship.When "Billy" passedaway, it had a big effect towards Mike.He would turn to football as a way to take the sadness away. Waverly and her mom started tohave a connection ever sinceWaverly started playing chess.Throughout this period of time,they have issues because oftheir "Chinese" way and "American" rules."This American rules," she concludedat last. Every time someone come out from foreign country, must know rules.You not know,judge say, Too bad, go back." Charlie and Don didn't have thebest relationship. But football had a big impact, and brought them closer. Parents and Children may not always havethe best relationships, but by having a hobbieor a sport in common or different, it can have a positive or negative impact in their relationship. Dreaming Of the Heroes vs. vs. Rules of the Game Conclusion By Amy Tan By H.G Bissinger These relationships between the parentsand childrenwere affected in a positive way because their relationshipswere brought closer together of eitherchess or football. Central Idea Introduction In the stories "Rules of the Game"and"Dreaming of the Heroes" it demonstrateshow much parents care for their children because of how muchthey try to help them.
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