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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Infograpic Activity Boston Tea Party -Colonists dresses up as Indians and protested the tea act-they did this by dumping British tea into the Boston Harbor Intolerable Acts -four rules from Parliament that the colonists named the intolerable acts 1. Boston Port is to be shut down 2. No more than one meeting per year 3. Official who had committed a major crime could be trialed in Britain or Canda 4. Colonists had to house British soliders First Continental Congress -twelve delegates were sent from the colonies-only Georgia did not send delegates-they agreed to Boycott British goods until the Intolerable acts were repealed Fighting at Lexington and Concord -British soldiers went to disarm the colonists -Paul Revere went on horse back to tell the colonists "The British are coming"-eight colonists were killed Second Continental Congress -Most of the delegates still did not want to break all British ties-when they were meeting fighting broke out Olive Branch Petition -Colonist declared their loyalty to King George III -asked him to repeal the Intolerable Acts-King George III said no Green Mountain Boys -attacked Fort Ticonderoga -captured valuable supplies of British cannons and gun powder Continental Army -Colonists started making make shift armies-Second Continental Congress set up the Continental Army-Elects George Washington as leader Battle of Bunker Hill -first major battle of the Revolution-proved Americans could fight bravely -British troops knew they could not hold Boston-they retreated, so America won Common Sence Declaration of Independence -a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine-asked colonist to declare independence-said they did not owe loyalty to King George III or any monarchs. -written by Thomas Jefferson-consist of a preamble-1st part: Natural Rights-2nd part: British Wrongs-3rd part: Independance
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