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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 People spend lots of time just shopping for different types of sweets... Love. 20% Sweets 10% 5% 20% These days, people just love sweets. Whether it'sstore bought, or home made, they're all delicious.Here, I gathered the sweets people in 6D prefer. That people Pavlova Cupcakes Mini Chocolate Cake Scones FrenchMacaroons = 1 = 3 45% = 0 Favorite Bakeries of all times... Lauderéee Levain Classified Paul Lafayet Sift = 3 = 1 = 0 Crushed Oreos Gummy bears Skittles Fruit Runts 12 / 55% 2 / 9% 5 / 23% 0 / 0% 3 / 14% The Macaroon cooke was made in Italy, when Catherine De Medicis in 1533 married to Duc d'Orleans who became the King of France in 1547 Henry II. The first macaroonswere simple cookies made of almond powder, sugarand egg whites. Later on, the grand daughter of CatherineDe Medicis was supposedly 'saved' from starvation byeating macarons. Only at the beginning of the 20th Centurydid the macaron become a 'sandwich'. Pierre Desfontaines,the grandson of Louis Ernest Laudurée who founded and created the French patisserie Laudurée, had the idea to putchocolate ganache in between each cookie to stick themtogether. The history of the most favorite sweet The French Macaroon Brazil Pure Origin Chocolate 5 / 23% Vanilla9 / 41% Favorite Macaron Flavor From Laduree Caramel withSalted Butter 4 / 18% Lemon 3 / 14% Pistachio 1 / 5% Anyone interestedin the history ofLaduree? Favorite thing to make... 5/21 23% 1/21 5% 4/21 18% 9/21 41% 3/21 14% So far, what I know is that 6D loves a variety of different sweets.From meringue kisses to chocolate chip cookies. From Frenchmacarons to pavlova or scones.When it comes to toppings, thereare crushed oreos and gummybears. Bakeries like Laduree and classified. Macaron flavors likeCaramel and vanilla, lemon and pistachio.6D is in love with sweets, that'sdefinitely for sure.6D and sweets forever! It all began when Louis Ernest Laduree, a miller from the south west of Francecreated a bakery. And soon, it was a bighit. The Laduree bakery was very famous, and very well known. And it was Pierre Desfontaines who had the idea to stick twomeringue cookies together to make theultimate Macaron.
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