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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tennis 1. Volleyball helps social health with positive teamrelationships with coaches, teammates, parents,fans, and opponents. 2. Due to every error being a point for the otherteam, volleyball teaches how to overcomesetbacks.3. This sport rewards people who are supportive,understanding, giving, and determined and canteach these values.4. Many principals learned through volleyball canbe applied to real life. This makes volleyball a "life sport."5. Parents and families can gain pride in seeingthe growth of an individual through volleyball. Dance Volleyball 1. Tennis works out the physical skills of swinging, reaching, and pivoting.2. It can burn 600 calories in an hour for a man and 420 for a woman.3. Three to four hours of tennis in a week can mean half a pond of fat burned.4. Three hours of moderate aerobic exercise in sports like tennis can reduce the risk of heart disease development by 50 percent.5. Exercise like tennis can strengthen heartmuscles, reduce blood pressure, and improve circulation. Golf The Health Benefits of Physical Activities 1. Dance improves cognitive activity at any age.2. Dancing can offer more protection againstdementia than reading, crossword puzzles, playing golf, and swimming or bicycling.3. Dancing can especially be beneficial to womenbecause they must interpret signals. Men can getthe same benefits by changing patterns or payingcareful attention to their partners.4. It is essential to build a cognitive reserve early,and dancing can accomplish this.5. There are social benefits like being connected toa community of dancers. 1. Walking a golf course gives cardiovascularbenefits. This can be a four or five mile hike intotal.2. Walking around a golf course three times a week can lower lipoprotein cholesterol tolessen the risk of heart disease.3. Golf helps arm strength and torso flexibility.4. Golf can also help the heart by lowering heart rate to take off excess strain. Also, golf can lower blood pressure.5. Playing this sport is good for mental healthbecause it improves the mind and mood. Roger Federer 1. Federer is a Swiss tennis player and isranked as the second best tennis playerin the world by the Association of TennisProfessionals. 2. Many regard him as the best tennisplayer in the world.3. He is 33 years old, has a spousenamed Mirka Federer, and has five children.4. He has won 17 single grand slams. Alex Walker 1A
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