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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Christmas 2014 NowicKlemp Year-in-Review Merry Years of Marital Bliss (most of the time, anyhow!) 8.2 PetCount 2014 2.5 -Pixelle the Schnoodle-Browser the AussieDoodle-Haley the hedgehog, shared half time with the high school library Milestones for 2014 Zane and Chip, the crested geckos, did not survive the cold winter. Their longtime companion, Bob, resurrected from the dead. He now lives in a gecko sanctuary in Wild Rose. Lee pulled off a "surprise of alifetime" for Heidi by having the kitchen upgraded and holidaydecorations done when the boys and she came back from a trip over Thanksgiving. Lee Heidi Dave Ben Alex 6.3 2.3 11th 8th 7th YearsWaupaca Schools YearsWaupaca Schools GradeWaupaca Middle GradeWaupaca Middle All cool in school -Heidi finished her coursework for her 902 Professional license.-She then overcame a fear and sang in the Waupaca summer production of "The Music Man."-Decided to throw caution to the wind and ziplined in Honduras, challenging a fear of heights. -Ben got his driver's license in June-Spends his time working on academics, taking tough classes in preparation for college in 1.5 years. David decided to switch from alto to baritone sax,entered a talent show withtwo friends, and got firstplace and People's ChoiceAward. of family members vacationed in 2014 Alex had the chance to seehis beloved Chicago Bullsplay in January. In Decemberhe saw the Miami Heat play. games played Sports 2014 AJ: 6DJ: 7 AJ: 27DJ: 31 R.I.P. GradeSPASH Wishing you and yourshealth and happiness in 2015 Happy Holidays from Lee, Heidi, Ben, David and Alex Heidi, David and Alex joined several of Heidi's longtime friends for a reunion cruise over Thanksgiving. They visited Honduras, and Cozumel. 3/5
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