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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How Does Social/Media Influence us Negatively? Social Media and Media Influence People Negatively How Can we Limit the NegativeInfluence of Social/Media Such as a Burger is More Accessible than an Apple and the Ancient Tea- Horse Road Media holds power that we have given to them. They give us a false sense of connection to the rest of the world. This feeling makes us feel powerful and we do not want it to stop Walt Disney Spends2 billion dollars on Advertisements alone Tea was used in the higher class in Europe.It was also used as a subtitle for coinsOne of the largest historical events of teawas the establishment of large scale commercial tea production in India. (1820s)India is now one of the top tea producersin the world How was it traded? It mostly traveled by sea.With relations with China, tea,traveled to Britain and Holland-Great factor of establishing connectionsbetween the East and West. Noah Matsubara "It's crazy, how touch phones can allow us to lose touch"-Richard Williams " "It was the largest and most powerful monopoly in world history." Issue Outcomes No other place had had tea before, so it was very popular. This made itvaluable because new countries wanted this new substance. Media is trending now so peoplewant to be in the trend. So they make sure they are keeping upwith all the newest slogans,phones, clothes and social media networks. #UnplugIf people are going to be
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