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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ohio Government Legislative Executive 6Officials Judicial House Of representatives Court Of Appeals Courts Of common Pleas Supreme Court LieutenantGovernor Secretary Of State Auditor Of State Treasury Of State Attorney General Power Power Power Power Power Power 99 Members 33 Members Ohio Governor John Kasich 7 Members Governors Cabinet Has to be at 18 Years Of age. 4 Year term 2 year term 6 year term Have to be elected before age 70 Ohio General Assembly Senate No limit Balance Between Freedom and OrderBy Nick Kankia Ohio's Government balances my freedoms with with order fairly and equally. The law says that I have the right to bare arms, meaning I can own a gun. But I need a background check. I have the right to drive a car but I have to fallow the laws. The government is set out to keep order. The government creates laws makes decisions for us and punishes the people that disobey the laws. The people that root for more government are federalists. The citizens have personal rights and may be discharged from criminal acts when their right have been violated. The thing that keeps order and chaos equal is the Constitution Of Independence and the Bill Of Rights. The government gives us our rights but we have to participate and fallow the governments rules. We cant speed on a street or not pay our taxes. On the other hand, the police cant gun me down for no reason and search through all my belongings. The Government has its own laws and the citizens do too. Discuss Criminal cases Settle Disputes Pass laws Overrules Vetos Proposes state budget Vetoing Bills Peel Paragraph Chief JusticeMaureen O'Connor President Of Senate Keith Faber House Of Representatives Cliff Rosenberger Supreme Court Constitutional Principals Ohio State House Proof: There are elections and term limits for the Leaders of the Government Proof: We have elections to vote for people to make decisions for us. We elect representativesfor the Ohio Government Popular Sovereignty Proof: We are all governed and have to fallow a code of rules. Otherwise we are punished. The government has lots of control over us. Proof: There are 3 branches and the citizens of Ohio have very specific and respectable rights. Representative Government Federalism Proof: When the government makes a decision the citizens do not like, they get to protest. Limited Government Separation Of Powers
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