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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Invasion of Canda Battle of Saratoga vs Battle of Saratoga Invasion of Canada - Americans moved throughout Canada and into the city of Quebec. The soldiers of New York where the ones invading. - American soldiers had a plan to surround the British and take the land over. -Why: Americans wanted Canada. They also wanted to drive the British out. So the Americans took charge for what they wanted. - Their planned was working well at first, but British soldiers knew the land better and they endedup beating the American Colonists. -When: The battle of Saratoga took place in September and October of 1777. double click to change this header text! -Where: New York State near the Hudson River, Stillwater, and Bemis Heights. -The British wanted to take a three-prongedapproach on the Americans, so that they could divide and conquer. They wanted to send out different troops to different places to break the colonists into smaller numbers. -The British were the better soldiers at the time, but they were running out of supplies. After the Patriot win at Bemis Heights, Burgoyne surrendered at Saratoga on October 17. -The Americans beat British at Bemis Heights because Britishreinforcements(William Howe) didn't show up. - When: It began on November 3, 1775. -Battle of Saratoga was the turning point of the Revolution because it was an important and unexpected win for the Patriots. - Who: America vs. British -Where: Quebec, Canada -Who: America(General Horatio Gates) vs. British(John Burgoyne) How: -Why: The British wanted to gain control of upstate New York. -Burgoyne's first attack was on September 19 and was called The Battle of Freeman's Farm. The next attack was called The Battle of Bemis Heights on October 7th. How:
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