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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Our Campus Green Diploma & PINMAN Only college credit hoursof sustainability designated courses to earn your green diploma. 15 Choose from over COURSES 60 30% Carbon Footprint:Greenhouse Gases Blazer Store Rm. C-206 Multipurpose thrift-like shop on campus near P Hall. Irrigation volumes have been reduced by or more than in converted gardens and Landscapes. Native Gardens Field Studies 8 or 16 Volunteer hours: on Tuesdays. on Fridays. Society Economy Community Garden 11am 9am Construction Technology A.A.S. Logistics Technology A.A.S. The Construction Technology program is designed to develop hands-on skills and technical knowledge. The Logistics Technology program is designed to prepare students for entry-level employment in this field. *Free commuter parking *20 minutes from downtown *20 minutes from the DFW Airport *Passenger Shelters *Public Art *Windscreens *Ticket Vending Machines On Campus Sustainability Keep Irving Beautiful promotes communityenvironmental stewardship. North Lake College participates in the annual TrinityTrash Bash to help clean up waste. Enviornment The park is home to animals, plants, and insects, and even has a Biodiversity Education Center. Participate in special events, volunteer or just enjoy the trails. North Lake College Sustainability North Lake College Sustainability COPPELL NATURE PARK In 2014, 75 students volunteered for 300 hours to clean up local rivers in Irving 66 acres