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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Ancient Religion of Tonga Daily Life Religion affected the Tongans daily life in many ways. One of those ways was through prayer. The Tongans would pray before every meal, every meeting, school, at work and many other places. It was part of their lives. Another way religion affects their daily life is through their belief in the birth of great Gods, such as those of the sea, earth and sky. Because of these Gods, they respect the use of the land and food from the sea. Lotu This is an image of the Lotus Flower. Religions all around the world are, in some way, connected to this flower, including Tonga. The "Lotu" was what the Lotus flower was called by the Tongans, and is actually the Tonga word for Religion and Prayer. The beliefs of Ancient Tonga is what the Lotis flower represented to them. An interesting fact about the Lotus flower, the Tongan civilisation believed that the unseen parts of the flower represented the place of the spirit world and where the deceased lived. Death Rituals As the passing of young infants and small children come and go, they are given abbreviated and shortened funerals. At the time of death, their spiritual essence ascends and returns to their mothers womb to be reborn once again. When adults pass away in Tonga, their funerals commence for a longer period of time as they believed that they would return at the end of the funeral as ancestral spirits. This would happen after the spirit was shown who the chosen guardian was. To summon more spirits, they poured beer in their honour. By Daniel Cooper Religious Beliefs The Tongans believed in an afterlife, which contained evil spirits and ghosts, called tevolo. Those spirits haunted the Tongans beliefs until the early European colonisations Spirit Animals The Tongan clans each had their own spirit animal, to represent their clan. It was believed that if one clan member killed or ate their spiritual animal, they would receive bad luck. Another word for this was "Tabu." Sicknesses When a person became sick, they believed it was because they had an evil spirit inside of them or that they had used something that was tabooed. One of the treatments for these sicknesses was dancing to invade the evil spirit inside and using multiple medicines. About Tonga Tonga is a beautiful island located in the Oceanic Region, is made up of 170 islands and is divided into four main parts. Tonga was first founded by Polynesian explorers in 500 B.C. Bananas, coconuts and many other crops are planted in Tonga. The most common plant in Tonga is the coconut palm, and is very useful for building and making foods and drinks. The island has many islands, volcanoes, mountains and amazing coral reefs for anyone to see.
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