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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 GEl Gel is a product used to stiffen youre hair. Although it is mostly used by men, some women use it to The reason this product is so used is because it makes you able to do difrent hairstyles and it is relativitly cheap, What is gel? The simple solution to youre bad hair day. But with all the chemicals inside it, and evreything it causes to nature, maybe its better to look bad. Although it does make you able to do different hairstyles, it has different ways of damaging you're body and you. Some damages it might cause to you're body is that it might cause reproductive effects if used in high doses.It is also skin irritant and a neuro toxin. It can also cause human immune system problems.. Effects of use Enviromental effects Although many people see hair gel as a solution to their hair, wrong disposable of hair gel containers cause damage to the environment. And as we all know, wrong disposable is all we know how to do. The reason it causes damage to the environment is because it is made of crude oil, which poisons the earth and the water. It also causes all the chemicals inside the gel to spread and case damage to the environment. What is in hair gel? Hair gel in ingredients vary in the industries that it comes from. But similar ingredients they all have is cationic polymers. This makes the gel more viscous. Other typical ingredients are a copolymer of vinylpyrrolidone, methacrylamide, and N-vinylimidazo Citations:
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