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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Great! Does your cover/query letter adhere to industry standard? Is Your Work Truly Compelling? Good Writing That Doesnt Get Published: 5 Problems That Sabotage Your Efforts Good Writing That Doesnt Get Published: 5 Problems That Sabotage Your Efforts YES Not Sure YES Is your manuscript error free and formatted properly? Join a good critique group. Repeat question 1. Not Sure YES If possible, hire a professional proofreading and formatting company, like Writers Relief, to prep and polish your work. Are you doing your researchand targeting your submissions to the best markets? Not Sure YES Refine your research when making your submissions. Try to target your work with greater precision so that it gets into the right hands. And remember: If you dont feel that your own research is getting results, contact the team here at Writers Relief for more information on our precision targeting techniques. double click to change this title text! Are you submitting sporadicallyand losing enthusiasm or focus? Not Sure YES You need a stronger, more organized submission strategy. Right now, your success is relying on a crapshoot. Get organized--or get help. That's where Writer's Relief can come in. If you think you're losing heart, you probably are. Don't give up. We've seen a client's 100th submission get accepted,more times than we can count. Success is sometimesa numbers game! And if you're tired of making submissions, or want to take the sting out of rejections, we can help. Not Sure Learn more visiting our free publishing tool kits.
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