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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Effects of the Catholic Church Being Corrupt The religious differences led to wars and persecutions during the 16th and 17th centuries. The Catholics were now fighting the Protestants. Civil wars were occurring in many countries and one big one was in France that left over one million Catholics and Protestants dead. The last war was the largest one and it lasted for 30 years, and was both religious and political as many nations were involved. Nations fought for their own interests though, like the French Catholics fought with the Protestants to fight the Holy Roman Empire. The fighting ended in 1648 when the Peace of Westphalia was signed. This created peace between Protestants and Catholics, it set boundaries between Protestant land and Catholic lands. Most of Northern Europe was Protestant and Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Bohemia, Austria and Hungary remained Catholic and is mostly true to this day. After these wars many people began to identify with their nation. Here is a little more about each religion of Protestant as they broke away from the Catholic Church: Lutheranism: The first major sect was Lutheranism, it began in Germany, 1521, by Martin Luthr. Martin Luther was a Catholic priest and scholar. He was upset about the corruption of the Catholic Church, with the sales of indulgences. Luther disagreed withe the Catholic Church about sin and salvation. Catholics believed that people earned salvation by following the teachings and practices from the church. Once Catholics were baptized they had to pray, follow rules by the church, and be a good Catholic. Lutherans denied that people could do anything to earn their salvation. Luther created an idea that simple faith could lead everybody to salvation and was called, justification by grace through faith. Lutherans did not have church councils or a pope because they thought the only religious qui dance was the bible. Luther translated the bible into many languages so people could read. Lutheran services were sort of like the Catholic service as they both had communion, and bible readings. Overtime, Luther preached less about the bible, and put more people on strict orders.
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