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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Under a war torn sky L. M. Elliot has a masters in journalism from the university of chapel hill, she also attended wake forest university. Elliot grew up just outside of Washington, D.C. And as she got older she experienced Vietnam war protests, and watergate. She also witnessed the J.F.K assassination. Summar yof the novel L. M. Elliot In "under a worn torn sky" Henry Forester is on a plane going to bomb Germany and a squad of German planes shoot down his plane. Henry gets out and parachutes down to a province in France when he lands he meets a old man willing to hide him from nazi soldiers. The old man tells Henry about a group of French resistance fighters that help American soldiers get home. Henry gets moved from place to place hoping that he will eventually get home but as he tries to get home a guide that was supposed to take them to Spain turns on the group for money and turns the whole group in. Henry gets taken to a tormentor but as Henry is getting transported he grabs the guards pistol shoots him and the driver and escapes. He meets a girl and well they are staying together they get chased down by what they think are nazi soldiers so Henry gets there attention and runs so they don't get the girl because of this Henry gets captured to only learn that they are German soldiers not Nazis. Henry is taken to a prison. Henry is forced to go outside and dig his own grave so he can be shot in it but the German soldier is kind hearted. This soldier gives Henry a letter that says "The German soldier who carries this safe conduct is using it as a sign of his genuine wish to give himself up. He is to be disarmed, to be well looked after, to receive food and medical attention as required, and to be removed from the danger zone as soon as possible. Signed, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Commander, Allied Expeditionary Force". Henry then returns home and just in time for Christmas. The writers history In " under a war torn sky" Henry Forester is going to bomb Germany in a plane but gets shot down over France. He gets out and parachutes down. There he gets found by a old man that helps him and tells him about a group of French resistance fighters that help return soldiers to there homes. Henry gets moved from spot to spot without ever knowing if he will make it home. Then Henry and and a group are being transported to somewhere in Spain when the guide betrays them and turns them in. Henry is taken to a tormentor but while being transported he grabs the guards gun shoots him and the driver and escapes. Henry then finds a girl and they decide to stay together for a while but as they are together they see Henry Forester Main characters Minor characters Claudette And his parents The main conflict The main conflict is Henry trying to get home to his family. The setting The setting in this book is France, Germany,and Switzerland
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