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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How to... (Prepare for a Test Effectively) Get an A!!! 1. Prepare Ahead of Time! Do you want to get an A on a test? The following 7 tips to prepare for a test effectively will guide you to success! ⭐️ Great job! Tick Tock! Studies show that 86% of people study last minute! Of these people, 80% fail! Who wants to cram anyway? Create a study schedule to keep you on track. 2. Study in a Distraction-Free Environment! 3. Make Good Notes! 4. Don't just Read! 5. Learn to Sing and Give it a Ring! 6. Practice, Practice, Practice! 7. Sleep and Eat! 🕔 💯 It is much easier to memorize a page than a chapter. Notes help you narrow down what you need to know, hastening the process. It also helps to colour code your notes, as this helps with organization. Writing key terms in shapes or patterns also helps you memorize! Don't get me wrong. It is important to read your notes. However, you should also quiz yourself on the information. Ask yourself questions or get a friend or family member to ask question. If all you did was read, everything would just become blah, blah, blah. Song stuck in your head? You can use the same thing that gets "Denham's Dentifrice" stuck in your head to study for tests! Create a jingle, song, rhyme, or acronym to memorize definitions or lists! 7. Sleep and Eat Healthy! This mainly applies to math. Unlike other subjects, there is little to memorize in math. Due to this, it helps to do practice questions. Practice review or homework questions. As they say, practice makes almost perfect! Scientists have proven that getting a good nights sleep and eating healthy improve your focus. Another reason not to cram! Most importantly, don't worry! Stressing can cause for you to forget information and panic! Good luck! Trust me, A text by Jimmy isn't going to help you study. Put the tablet, phone, computer, or anything else distracting away. Study away from the TV and other noise in a quiet room. If you have notes on your iPad, print them out!
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