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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Where is God's Kingdom? The Poor Heaven? "My Kingdom is not of this world" God himself Rewards in Heaven Kingdom of God the many the many of facts Good Deeds. This quotation is not true as its written.One must understand that there arestandard values of the world and also withthe Kingdom and they both differentiatebecause Jesus believed ruled the world andGod ruled the Kingdom. " was in the sky" The kingdom of Heaven is also the kingdom of God. This place is in the skywhere God and all other spirits dwell. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Everyone never thought of going to Heaven Nolan Ch. 6 pg 57 Everyone before Jesus' time first thought of going to Sheol before going to Heaven. Sheol was the basic idea of Heaven and Hell. The Idea of Heaven didn't come around until the death and resurrection of Jesus. Nolan Ch. 6 pg 59 Heaven is a synonym for God Kingdom of Heavena.k.aKingdom of God "Having rewards in heaven means beingin God;s good book." Getting these rewardsis like getting on God's good side by doingthings in his favor, which may be helpingthose in need, preaching his word, etc. Doing good deeds to God is doing his works and especially fulfilling his plan for you. By doinghis works I mean preaching the good news toall people, helping the less fortunate financially,mentally, physically and faith wise. Also to ridof all evil so His teachings can spread and comeinto action more. "Blessed are the poorbecause yours is the Kingdom of God." Jesus prophesied that the Kingdom ofGod belongs to the poor and they are promised to go to Heaven. By the poor,it was meant to those "who are poorat heart or one in spirit with the poor, anyone who hungers and thirst for justice, anyone who imitates themeekness or lowliness of the poor,anyone who is also sad and depressed, anyone who is persecuted for his faith in Jesus, in fact anyone who is truly virtuous."
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