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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 INTERPIE Route: Day 1: This trip starts in the border Mexico-Guatemala, with a warm welcome into our country, that includes a delicious tacos (we are not responsible for any disease you get during the trip). We begin in the town Tapachula de Córdoba y Ordoñez, Chiapas. We leave early to jump into the train, La Bestia, were you will make new friends and enjoy interacting with them, you may see all kind of landscapes and you will feel the fresh breeze. You are going to pass through Oaxaca the Juarez, a town were you can make a stop and buy some artisans. Day 2: You'll wake up with a beautiful sunrise, birds singing, and with a healthy meal, water. Today we are going to play hide and seek with the policemen, the one that gets caught, leaves the train. Day 3: Finally we are going to be arriving Jalapa, Veracruz, were you are going to be tested to see who is a better jumper, the one that doesn't breaks a leg, is going to be the owner of a bag of beans, gook luck everyone. Day 4: After getting a nice sun tanning, we are going to board a very fancy bus of straw, that includes a ceiling and ventilation, (you may sleep there if you desire), maybe you will need to hide for some hours. Day 5: This may be your lucky day, you are eating for breakfast some delicious eggs, the only thing is that you will eat them raw, at night we will be arriving to Mexico City, and you will see the beauty of the landscape of poverty and pollution.
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