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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 9 Things To Know About Infection Safety in School The word around the Bluff on responses to a possible outbreak of Infectious Disease Signs of TerrorWhen asked what symptomsseemed to provoke infectiousoutbreaks many seemed to leantowards coughing, sneezing,and ashtma When to Take ActionWhen multiple people within the sameenvironment are showing similarsymptoms it leads to suspicion whichnormally results in a phone callto higher authorities Enforce RulesIn times of chaos the staff makes ita priority to keep students calm andin lineand tries their best to keep themwhere they are according to sourcesfrom Mrs. Bouknight Who To Call?In a worst case scenario everyone has aprotocol and in an infectious breakouteverything goes through administrationand then makes its way up through DHEC Sense of UrgencyAlthough the River Bluffstaff claims to take everymeasure seriously theycarry a higher sense of urgency towards infectiousdisease than any others Preventantive MeasuresRiver Bluff custodians to their bestto take heed to any possibleoutbreak by using disinfective bleachand carrying out weekly cleanings of ventsand montly AC cleanings to preventthe spread of disease through the air Understanding of RolesMost importantly everyone knowstheir roles and make sureand sends their concernsto proper adminsistration Security MeasuresIn the event that someone with a deadly disease is in the buildingthey would be quaratined anda security breach would be unlikelyas there would security to guard alocked area Flexibility within the SystemIn rare cases there is a dilemmawhere a decision must be madeto care for a student whose relgiouscustoms normally don't allow for itbutall measures all taken to keep allothers safe
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