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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Industrial Revolution Industrial Revolution Popular Times 101 Interesting News What's New Today? There are a lot of positives about the Industrial Revolution. One example is that more jobs were more available. This meant that more people or families could make money or at least have jobs. Also a lot of people invented things to help the Industrial Revolution. A really useful invention was the cotton gin made by Eli Whitney. Before people/workers had to manually separate the seeds from the cotton and that could take hours. Now with the cotton gin, it does that for the workers. The cotton gin uses up a lot less time than manually doing it. Witten By Alex Martinez and Camerin Sedlock January 21, 1816 The Positives The Negatives The women and children in the Industrial Revolution had to go to work, Instead of school, the children would have to wake up and go to work all day. Longer than what they would have to be in school it sucked for them. Some of the workers died working, was hot in factories, and they didn't really have a lot of water. Also, the workers died from the machines and things they had to operate. And if a worker died or got inured, he/she could be replaced right away. Plus the workers weren'thome often, the workers worked16-18 hours per day. Ah the Cotton Gin! This was probably one of the most useful and best inventions made during the Industrial Revolution. The cotton gin was invented by Eli Whitney on March 14, 1794. During the Industrial Revolution, the cotton gin made the made the south explode in the cotton industry. The purpose of the cotton gin was the automatically remove the raw seeds from the cotton. Before the cotton gin, it wouldtake workers hours to do this process but not it is a very quick process. The Cotton Gin!!! Editorial: Overall was it Good or Bad? Editorial: Overall was it Good or Bad? Now the moment some of you all have been waiting for. Was the Industrial Revolution good or bad to you Camerin and Alex? Well for us, we think that the Industrial Revolution was a good thing. We say this because it changed the lives of everyone, mostly in a good way. More people were able to get jobs and the jobs itself were easier.The most important thing was transportation. Everyone had to get somewhere in a certain amount of time. During the Industrial Revolution, transportation went from taking days to hours.
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