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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Donate NOW Suppo rt Suppo rt Research! Research! Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells need donations! Make it possible to help others, and maybe even treat diseases! (555)-122-5555 1414 Research Rd. Burbank, CA 33502 The procedure is still experimental. The process is still part of the medical considerations of all medical procedures. The cells originate from the patient, there's no threat of the immune systemrejecting the cells. We reprogram the cells to tell them just what to do. We haven't been able to treat any people yet. Much less expensive than most Stem cell experiments. We can assure you that your donations and support will go to a good cause, changing the lives of both our scientists and our patients. Stem cells are created in our own special labs. they come from either ourpatient's cells, or readily availablecells. We think the induced pluripotent stem cells can become any cell in the body. The specialized stem cells arespecialized and put into the body. Stem cells have the potential to heal thebody, which is why you should support our research and experiments. Your support can help us reach ourgoal! We want to be able to helpcure people using our research, soyou can help by making it possible forus to treat people with diseases. Lina Tellefsen By donating, you could help save lives, cure diseases, and revolutionize our knowledge of science and medication.
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