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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Indon esian How many verses are in the national anthem? What do you think the mood is when you listen to it being performed? In the Indonesia Raya Anthem, there are four verses, and a chorus. Does the melody move up and down in small step patterns or in larger leaps? Does it flow smoothly or is it a rhythmical march-like style? Does the anthem sound major or minor? What do you think the mood is when you read the lyrics? Are there lyrics? It's a positive inspiring, proud anthem. It makes you want to join in! I believe the anthem expresses happiness and that the Indonesians are proud of their homeland, and where they live. It has lyrics and a chorus that is repeated three times. What is the major religion of the nation? What are some of the key words /emotive /powerful language used? Some of the keywords used are love, happiness and independence. Who neighbors the country's border? The major religion in Indonesia is Islam. I believe the Indonesian Raya anthem sounds major. The melody moves up and down in small step patterns. It is a rhythmical march like-style anthem. Australia, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Malaysia, East Timor and The Philippines are Indonesia's nearest neighbors. What is the estimated population of the country? The current population of Indonesia is 252 812 245 million Bibliography: on/ countries The Anthem
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