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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Therapy is the treatment of a client's mental health problems by talking to a psychiatrist, psychologist or other mental health provider. Individual Therapies Strengths/Limitation CBT Strengths/Limitation IPT CBT: Cognitive-behavioural therapy IPT: Interpersonal therapy Consists of identifying the automatic, negative thoughts assumed to underlie the depression andhelping the depressed person see and understand the connection between the thoughts and emotionalstate. -Do individual hw exercises: mood diary-Gradually change negative self-schemaand find positive ways to interpret life events. -focuses on helping the client develop and use positive social support networks theyhave in life with improved communication skills. Studies: Strengths:-Fosters more independent effort on client-less reliance on therapist -Shorter term -Adaptative Limitations:-Need commitment and involvement-Not suitable for complex mental health needs or learning difficulties -Only addresses current problems and focuses on specific issuesit does not adress possible underlying causes. Strengths:-good for clients who dislikes the "hw demands" -address relationships as a primary concern Limitation:-danger of emotional harm -requires a lot of effort-IPT has not been modified for themanagement of pyschoses. Parker et al- No significant difference in effectiveness of IBT and CBT. -Suggests maybe because psychotherapiesare not necessarily delivered according to a pure theorectical format. Hodges and Oei (2007)-Considers the likely applicability of CBT to Chinese cultures-Conclusion: Due to the power distance between therapist and client, CBT may actually be more effective because clients are likely to accept therapist'sinterpretation and advice. -Bad: needs argument+ justification or elsethe true nature of thoughts at the heart of depression might neverbe identified. Parker et al. -IPT is not as quick as medication but does providesubstantial improvement at later point.-patients who recieve meds in addtion to IPT do better thanthose who recieve IPT in addtion to meds -Reflection of patient expectation (preferencefor meds to solve probs)
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