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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Make Judgment Calls Create Art Leaders don't get a mapor set of rules. Living lifewithout a map requires adifferent attitude. Be Remarkable Persevere Be the link that brings everything together. People and ideas sometimesclash find the way to fitthem together Be a leader, know when to take controland make a move Be orginal, don't focuson being just like everyone else. What makes you, you? Be Generous Be helpful, kind and creative. Don't throw other people out of the way to make it to the top let them help you Find what really makes you standout from everyone else and run with it allow it to make you a bettermore valuable employee In the face of an infinite sea of choices, it's natural to putblinders on, to ask for a map, to beg for instructions, or failing that, to do exactly what you did last time, even if it didn't work. Linchpins are able to embrace thelack of structure and find a new path, one that works The more value you create in your job, the fewer clock minutes of labor you actually spend creating that value. Connect People & Ideas Never let anyone stop you from doing your best and being everything that youpossibly can be loud and makeyourself heard double click to change this title text! How to be Indispensable "Fearless in practice is unafraidof things that one shouldn't be afraid of. Be fearless" Without your consent, they can't hold on to the status quo,can't make you miserable, can't maintain their hold on power.It's up to you Your choice, Your talent, Your future Kayla Hagen
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