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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 India and Australia Comparison The Flags The Australian flag was made by the British, hence the Union Jack in the top, left hand side corner. It has the southern cross on the right and a star underneath the Union Jack. The Indian flag was made by the Indians, of course. The navy blue wheel in the center, symbolises Ghandi's goal to making Indians self-reliant on making their own clothing. Saffron, greeen and white were chosen to represent courage, peace, faith, sacrifice, truth and fair repect. The Transportation In India Auto Rickshaws, scooters, cars and buses are very popular. The roads are very crowded with these. Train are mostly used for very long distance trips, likely to go for business, trips or for visiting family and friends. Traditional Clothes Lehenga Choli - a mix of a Lehenga (long skirt) and a choli (blouse) worn with a shawl. Saree - a length of fabric about 1-2 metres by about 4-9 metres long. Using a special technique the fabric is wrapped around the body and tucked in a pavada (skirt underneath) with the rest thrown over the right or most commonly, the left shoulder. Dhoti Kurta - Dhoti: a length of unstitched fabric about five meters long, wrapped around the waist and between the legs and then knotted at the waist. Kurta: a long loose fitting shirt. Churidar - a combination outfit of Kameez and a Churidar (tight-fitting, extra long tights) with the extra fabric gathered at the ankles.
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