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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Indian Ocean Tsunami December 26th, 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami December 26th, 2004 This map shows the areas and countries that were affected by the tsunami. Source: What Are Earthquakes and Tsunamis?Earthquakes are sudden and violent shaking of the ground caused by the movements of plate tectonics.Tsunamis are huge powerful waves causedby violent movements of the ocean floor. They are usually triggered from earthquakes, landslides, and volcanoes. What Happened?On December 24th, 2004, Aceh, Indonesia, was hit with an earthquake which resulted in a deadly tsunami. This tsunami affected about a dozen countriesand more. Countries that were hit hardest includes Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives. The tsunami was so huge that it affected places in Africa, such as Kenya and Somalia.Throughout the history of earthquakes in Indonesia, since 1917, there has been over 50 earthquakes but none measures up to this one. Since 2004, other earthquakes happens frequently each years at low magnitude. The last and second strongest earthquake that happened was earlier on November 26, this year at a magnitude of 6.8. This graph shows 10 of the places that were hit.Deaths:affected about 12-14 nationskilled about a total 230 000 people or more 33% of deaths were children over 40 000 people were missing, those missingwere assumed deadover 500 000 people were injured______________________________________Displacements:millions were left homelessabout 5 million people lost their homes and hadno access to food and water1.7 million people were displaced throughout the areas affected1.5 million children were injured or displaced Total Deaths and Displacements Total Deaths and Displacements Facts On the Tsunami and Earthquake Facts On the Tsunami and Earthquake the earthquake had the energy of 23 000 Hiroshima-type atomicbombsthe tsunami was 50 feet (15 metres) talltravelled at speed up to 800km/hourtravelled up to 2000 metres (2 km) inland O O - O O - But, why couldn't they just evacuate from the area? Weren't there any warnings? Funny you should askbecause the Indian Ocean had no tsunami warning system at the time. Impact on Some of the Nations India:75 percent of fatalities werewomen and childrenover 1000 villages wereaffectedestimate of 2.56 billion dollarsworth of damagespent: 2.18 billion dollars Indonesia:600 000 people from Aceh(Indonesia) lost their sourceof livelihood (25 percent)buildings, schools, health facilities were destroyedestimate value of damage: 4.5 billion dollarsspent: 6.5 billion dollars Maldives:250 million dollars damage attheir tourism sectortourism was 62 percent of their incomeafter disaster, tourism incomedropped by 25 percentestimate value of damage:470 million dollarswere donated: 256.5 million dollars A before and after image of Aceh, Indonesia.Source: Seychelles:seawater and debris affectedfresh water in coastal areas31 million dollars worthof damagewere given: 14.52 million dollars Thailand:50 000 children were affectedabout 1 480 children lost oneor both parentsabout 150 000 people lost their jobs/source oflivelihoodincome from tourism industries decreasedestimate of damage: 1.6 billion dollarswere given 18 million dollars Somalia:about 44 000 people were affected by the tsunami40 percent of the affectedpopulation faces livelihoodcrisiswere given: 7.8 million dollars Sri Lanka:thousands needs long-term/permanent income support90 percent of affected populationlost their sources of livelihoodhealth facilities were destroyededucation facilities were destroyedestimate of damage: 1.5 billion dollarswere given: 2.24 billion dollars Sources
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