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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources Employability Quotient Labor Force Participation Rate: 50% India Talent Landscape - India would be world's youngest country- 29 years average age- Potential to create 47 million manpower surplus 2020 Demographic Dividend GDP Growth Rate: 6% CPI Index (Inflation): 8.4% - Among lowest female labor forceparticipation (FLFP) in the world- Women hold only 1 in 5 management roles and 1 in 10 executive rolesin MNCs operating in India Diversity - A focus area - Weak relationship betweeneducation, industry and business- Only 1/3rd students entering job market meet employment criteria Unemployment rate: 5.2% Corporate Social Responsibility Common HR Practices Diversity - A focus area Career Advancement:-High promotion expectation- Higher expectation of explicitguidance- Career path satisfaction is primary driver of retention Performance Ratings:- More than 68% employees under Met Expectation and below Attrition:- Among highest proactive job search ratios- ITeS industry averageattrition: 22 to 25% Notice period:- Works as a cushion againstsudden absence- Typically 60-90 days of time - Encore 2014 attrition:32% Salaries:- More than 10% avg. increase- Wide salary differentialfor top talent- 12 to 23% variable pay - 2% of net profit spend on CSR mandated under Companies Act, 2013- Threshold for coverage; net worth of USD 80M, turnover of USD 160M, net profits USD 800,000- Typically administered through private NGOs. Encore CSR spend and programs - Overall 26% womenin workforce Work Culture - 7.5%Average increment at Encore
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