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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Indian foods Compared to Australian foods Foods In India, the type of food people only depends on what is their religion and what part of India they live in. Did you know that many Hindus are vegetarians but, although some Hindus eat chicken or fish? Well I was surprised because, thats true! Its because, Hindus consider cows to be sacred (which means holy) animals, they never eat beef.There Tandoori dishes are are very popular in the northern part of India. Fish or chicken is marinated overnight in a mixture of yogurt and lots of spices. Its then baked in an outdoor clay type of oven, they called it a Tandoor. In Australia, tomato sauce and snags is an Australian food staple. In Australia, why not invite our family, friends, and family-friends over for a B.B.Q.Australia has lots of foods, especially DESERTS! I love my deserts, most people say that deserts are the best meal of the day. Did you know that if you're a the beach or at a place near the beach, fish 'n' chips if you're best option to take. I'd go for something else but, I'd only prefer fish 'n' chips somewere near the beach.Did you know that Australia's most famous spread is... You should already know its Vegemite! Everyone loves vegemite, (but between you and me, i dont like it that much like everyone else.) |||||||||| ___________________________________________________ ________ tap and hold to change this header text! Compare Indian foods are a little different to the Australian foods because, in India you can eat what ever you but it only depends on what religion and what part of India they live in.In Australia you can eat whatever you like and you can wack some steak on the B.B.Q. and eat it with your friends and family.
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