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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Sometimes in order to be a leader you have to trust your instincts and thepeople around you. Theme Independent Study By:Joelle Charbonneau Cia wanted to see the testing come to an end, but the officials do not so Cia joins the rebels. However, the rebel leaderis actually a member of the officials against Cia. Objective Summary Setting: United Common Wealth UniversityAt the University Cia trains to become aleader, in order to do this she has to trust herself and chose which membersof her class she can trust with her life . Characters Every where Cia goes she has to figure out who can be trustedand who can't. Cia watches every one at the University inorder to see if they can be truly trusted. She takes chargeas a leader and notices whichstudents follow her and whichones go against her. Cia takesthose who can be trusted and uses them to help her becomean experet leader. In the beginning Cia is assigned to Govermnent Studies where she decides to run away becauseshe doesn't want to be a leader in the conditionsof redirection. On her way she is confornted by Michael who explains to her a rebel planwhich Cia joins as a spy on campus. In the middle Cia under goes a test in which she mustbe a leader of team she doesn't know she cantrust. However she gives them trust in order to leadthe team to the end. Afterwards she is given aninternship with the president. Finally Cia discovers Damon can not be trusted and her and Raffe throw him over the ravine. She also discovers Symon can't be trusted when he shoots Michael for bringing the needed recordings. Plot
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