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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 There are headmen in every village that act as a sort of police force. While the Headmen may be necessary they were definitely not very merciful. Law Enforcers There was a variety of punishments for Inca criminals. First offenders were publicly shamed, but if you did it again then it would be the last time you would make that mistake. In other words repeat offenders were executed. In our SOCIETY criminals are locked up not laughed at! Consequences There was no prison in the Inca CULTURE. That means if you were caught committing a crime, you would be killed. Well this is already ludicrous but if you add in the fact that laziness is a crime than I'd say it's pretty harsh. The Incas did not want their people to be SEDENTARY. If laziness was punishable by death in our country we would be in some serious trouble. The Death Penalty Crimes Some crimes included, thiefery, laziness, murder, breaking into a temple, lying, and betraying the government. I don't know about you but I think laziness is a pretty crazy crime! Like in today's courts there are certain people who make decisions about criminals. The only difference is our judges are a highly educated select group of people, while the Incas judges are the village Curaca. Court In the Incas world the Sapa Inca was king, and was believed to be a DEITY. There wasn't a single person that could compare to the Sapa Inca, money, power, wives... Lots of wives. He had it all. Yes, we have a president but he is not our overlord! Who's the Boss? If you're an Inca you are not lazy! : The Incas Crime System was very harsh.
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