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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 In Darkness by Nick Lake(Genre: Historical Fiction) THEMEThe theme of this book is a boy trapped in darkness alone just wanting to be saved only to find his lost twin sister. Because nature strikes he believes all of the destruction around him was caused because of him While he is trapped he explains how it was for him to grow up and why he believes it could be his fault Main CharacterHe went by the name of Shorty,He was a very determined youngboy that lived in poverty and learned to use the resources surrounding him. He was not employed because many families could hardly find jobs as it is in Haiti. Appearance & ConflictShorty was just a boy when it all started,he was 12. The boy was a dark color and also emaciated.He spent his whole life in the slums of Haiti where sometimes people didn't see food for days. The young boy was stuck in the bottom of a collapsed hospital after a big earthquake.-Person v. Nature Plot Line Shorty was a blessing to Haiti dueto the fact that he was born witha twin sister, Marguerite. The villagers were not used to having twins in the town which made them the marassa. This meant they were born with a special maji voodoo power. When Shorty and Marguerite werestill young they had witnessed a villagegang come and terrorize their town. They'rename was Boston and they had slaughteredmany people before in that village. During thatraid Shorty witnessed his twin being kidnappedand his father hacked to death. Once Shorty realized his father was dead and his sister was kidnapped,Shorty was determined to find herand bring her back home becausewithout her there is no marassaor marassa power. Shorty knew if they weren't together then he wouldnever feel like he was a whole person. The UN was notified of this attack.They sent troops to the villages to take out the gang leaders of Boston and Route 9. Both gang leades believed thevoodoo rituals preformed on them wouldkeep them protected. When the UN invaded the villages, they found route 9's leader and proceeded to shoot him. Shorty was caught in between the crossfire, with the leaders last steps he carried shorty out of the path of aHumvee heading towards him After Shorty had experienced this he was still determined to find hissister. What Boston had done to himand his family was something hecould never get over. It pushed him tothe point that he was willing to joinBoston's rival gang in hopes of finding Marguerite. I would give this book four stars because it was a very intenseand the author wrote it in a way to keep the reader engaged in the book and feel apart of the story. It was confusing at times but still kept a great back story. It related to many difficulties people still face today in our society. It was confusing because the story was almost being told like there were two different stories.This made it hard to connect the correlation between the two situationswhile you are reading. Why do the villagers hold the boy up at Dread Wilme's Funeral? . A.) The boy begged to see himB.) He was apart of the voodoo ritualC.) Dread Wime saved the boy's lifeD.) The boy was injured
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