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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Problems Many Americans believe that up to 25% of the American budgetgoes to toward aid. In truth, less than 1% of the budget goes to aid. your artboard start from scratch[clears the canvas] What does this aid go to? Improving Foreign Aid Top Five Countries Given Aid by the US (In 2012) Afghanistan Pakistan Iraq Eygpt Israel double click to change this header text! Much of the aid goes to foreign military programs (such as terrorism prevention. Other programs provide healthcare and vaccinations. Finally what is left over is used to in programs that provide food andwater More Problems There is much corruption in the foreign aid system.Often officials in charge of distributing the aid moneywill steal parts of the relief fund. In order to try and promote peace inareas of poverty, the United States hasdonated food, money, and healthcare supplies. After the earthquake in Haitiin 2010, the island nation was in chaosthe lack of food and supplies led to crime,riots, and looting. The United States, along with other countries provided assistance.As people gained access to food and clean water, the crime diminished expnentially. Relief Efforts Also, during the aftermath of the earthquakethere were widespread outbreaks of Choleraoccurred, and the United States also senthealth professionals, nurses, and medicalsupplies to help. But, the United States wasnot the only country to help out. Countries from all across the world sent aid to Haiti. (Fun fact: The first country in the world to respond was Iceland, whose rescue teamsarrived only ten hours after the disaster.)
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