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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 BAD POSTURES Have you ever seen singers standing uplike these? Slouching, arching back, andhunching back won't get you listeners or audience. Try to sing high notes and maintain breath support in these positions. PROPER POSTURES They may not appear to be singers, but they stand up nicely. From head to toe, everything is aligned. These people would get listeners/audience, provided they master proper vocal techniques. Posture is about your position. It shows your attitude and it can reflect your identity as a singer. An ideal posture should be one that shows your confidence, your charisma, and mass appeal. How to Monitor Your Posture The key to maintaining a proper posture is alignment. Notice the straight line in 2 examples of proper postures above. Your head should not lean forward or back and your back should go along the same way. Stand with Your Back Against a Door or Wall Check In Front of A Full Length Mirror Ask For Help or Feedback Standing by a door or a wall and checking yourself in front of a mirror can get you away from certain posture habits of leaning forward, arching back or slouching in general. You can always ask a friend for a feedback. Having a personal fitness trainer, a yoga teacher, or a vocal coach is beneficial since either can pinpoint which areas ofyour body that you can work on. Some Ways To Improve Your Posture Postural issues vary from individuals to individuals. In order to maintain alignment, there are exercises that can target your upper body areas, neck, and back. Routine walking will do, but yoga and pilates will help you much more.
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