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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The One Document that Determines The Success or Failure of Your Business WHY YOU SHOULD WRITE A BUSINESS PLAN Shows clearly the dynamics of your company, business strategy,uses of resources and company's agendasthat have to be met. 2. To Support Growth and Secure Fundings It is important to clearlydescribe the opportunitiesand alternativesas investors will want to know: HOW CAN WEFROM YOURBUSINESS CONCEPT?? PROFIT 3. Ensure FOCUS Clearly points out key activitiesto focus on and not strayoff course- Business Marketing Strategies- Financing Strategies- Operational Plan- etc. 4. Allocation of Resources Source: Professor Andrew Burke, founding DirectorBettany Centre for Entrepreneurial Performance and Economics at CranfieldSchool of Management Resources have to be used in themost effective and efficient waypossible. The business plan acts asa filter to set these priorities. - Initial Public Offering of stock (IPOs) - Acquisition by competitors - Mergers - Family succession - Management buy-outs Investment decisions can be done in thepresent through a well-thought-out business plan. FACT ! Valuing firms are notorious for beingdifficult and subjective. A well-written plan will clearly highlightthe opportunity for the incoming investors,the value of it and increase the likelihood ofa successful exit by the current owner. Infographics done by "When You Fail to Plan, You're Planning to Fail!" BUSINESS PLAN of a Importance 1. Maps Your Future and Provides for Direction 5. To Support a Succesful Exit Businesses thatwrote businessplans grew than businesses that did not 30% FASTER!
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