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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Management and End User Involvement Positive and NegativeImplications of ICT Development Poor Project Management Management and end users should always beinvolved wherever possible in the creation ofa new system. They will be able to setrequirements of the system as they will bethe ones using it in the end. This involvementalso helps ensure that the solution created isnot too complex or stripped down for its userslevel of comprehension. Innappropriate Testing Poor Installation Poor Support and Maintnance Good relations and communications betweenteam members working on an ICT systemcan increase the pace at which a systemis developed as well as ensure that eachmember is used effectively and each partof a system works correctly with the others. Poor Design Many factors can affect ICTDevelopment be it positively or negatively. Good Teamwork Positive Factors Negative Factors Professional Standards Ensuring that professional standards arekept constantly throughout a systemsdevelopment ensures that staff areconstantly working towards the bestquality system possible. This means thaterrors and bugs will not be allowed intothe final system and that the system willlook professional. Realistic Expectations One of the most important parts in thecreation of a new system is to have realisticexpectations. The most important of these is an understanding of the timescales neededto progress through a systems creation.Setting timescales should always allow plentyof time for each step to be carried out thoroughlywithout leaving so much time that it is wasted. Analysis of a systems needs, usersand any predecessors is incrediblyimportant so that the best systempossible can be designed . Analysisshould be as in depth as possible andtake in all factors that affect the system. Poor project management can lead toproblems quickly. If time scales are notmanaged correctly then a system maynot be finished on time or could berushed out the door with many bugs.As well as this proper managementis needed for a team to work togethercorrectly, otherwise a system couldbe made up of parts that do notfunction together properly. With poor support and maintenance asystem can become very short lived.It is important for a system to be adaptedas a companies use of it changes andfor new users to always receiveproper training. If a system suffers a poorly organisedinstallation of changeover then all priorwork can be for naught. It is importantthat compatibility between a system andthe hardware it will be used on is fullyresearched as to ensure the system canbe fully used once passed on. Functional testing of a solution shouldalways include all possible tests toensure that no bugs or crashes arepresent in the final product delivered. The start of a systems creations lifecycle is incredibly important as it isthis which affects all stages moving forward. The design of a system should cover all of its functionality, usability and requirements in order to be as useful as possible. Innappropriate Analysis Luke McNaughton
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