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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Letsjoin Social Media Network Newsletter SEO Content Delivery Network IMPLEMETATION PLAN Northern is an On-line Aplication The domain of the current business website needs to be changed from - to - We need to create an Application On-line which will be named as www.letsjoin.comThis application will be accessed from outside users and it will translate domain names into IP addresses which will be linked to the Sub Applications such as Lothian and Northern Blog Blog Letsjoin The BLOG will be used to:Drive traffic to our Application www.letsjoin.comIncrease SEO/ SERPDevelop better users relationships.We will be Updating Half Articles on our BLOG and shrink the linkconnecting to the main Application Social Media Network will increase Letsjoin Brand Recognition/ loyalty converting the traffic to our Application Decreased Marketing CostsControl users experiences and Insights Content ProviderFTPMaster ServerCDN Content Delivery Network lothian.letsjoin.comOffline sub application. northern.letsjoin.comIt is an On- line application.The programmer needs to control the network as the Letsjoin Application is also online Social Media Network We need to develop a new BLOG as wordpress will NOT have FTP access to our files.
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