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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 New Zealand The Pacific: New Zealand-1790s timber merchants and whalers establish settlement-Christian missionaries were established in 1814-1840s the Maori population reduces to 80,000 to 90,000 natives because of diseases such as smallpox and even the common cold Hawaii The Pacific: Hawaii:-Captain James Cook opened Hawaii to the West from 1777 to 1779-He convinced Hawaiian prince, Kamehemeha, that their western ways would unify the kingdom by replacing the small warring regions-First Chinese contract workers were brought by 1800-Abilities of monarchs declined in 1872-American Government claimed naval rights over Pearl Harbor by 1887-U.S. Congress took over Hawaii in 1898 S. Africa South Africa:-19th century was when the British arrived in S. Africa and made changes between Boers and the indigenous-British capture Cape Town in 1790s-British colony held during Napoleonicconflicts was annexed in 1815-Diamonds discovered in the Orange Free State in 1867-republics' declaration of war in 1899-British win the Anglo-Boer War from 1899-1902 India India/Java:-The Dutch create an empire in Java -Dutch establish Asian headquarters at Batavia in 1619-The British colonies in India resemble the Dutch settlements in Java-The British Raj was created to refute the local threats-the Indian princes come to the South in the 1740s-British win the key battle at Plassey in 1757-After warring with the princes over their land the British conquer the three presidencies-Both in India and Java the Europeans had to adapt to their new environments-Not until the 19th century did the Europeans even have an interest in changing the social lives of the indigenous that they conquered Java Madison ClinePer 2
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