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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Imperialism in Guam. 1898 1921-1930 1941 1944 1950 1972 U.S. took control of Guam during the Spanish American war. Treaty of Paris.The U.S. Navy main force helped with the victory at Manila Bay in May. Guam was attacked and invaded by the empire of Japan on December 8. Shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Marine stations. First one ever in the pacific. Battle of Guam. July 21 to August 10. More than 18,000 Japanese people killed. Constitution; effective July 1. Guam act serves as a territory of the United States, and executive, judicial, and legislative branches are made. Sergeant Shoichi Yoko surrendered which was the last base of Japan around. Citizenship status; U.S. Citizens but do have the restriction of not being able to vote in the presidential election. However they can vote for 1 member (by majority of votes) to serve 2 years at the United States House of Representatives in the legislative branch. They also can vote in the democratic and republican presidential primary elections in the executive branch. Guam is under the Big Stick Diplomacy because it was token over control through war. Later on to become a Naval base and one of the most important bases because it serves use to the U.S. for being close to their enemies. Washington at the time wanted to protect United States power and Guam just happened to be in the right geological position. Population; 161,785 (2015)Growth rate; .54%
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