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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Dealing with Imperfection WHAT IS MY STRENGTH? Why is it important? I enjoy being challenged,and I readily acceptleadership roles. In the past:Loved the word "perfect." Everything needed to bemeasured, checked off, and checked again.This led to great discomfort when I did not feel like I wasthe best at everything I tried. I did not often take risks because riskscarry the possibility of failure, so I was limited in what I did. Additionally,the stress that came with this level of pressure was not healthy. Future:Realizing that perfection is impossiblewill let me become a better leader. I will be much more willing to let others help me, which will make me more productive.Taking on new risks and challengeswill expand my skills and allow me toincrease my self-confidence. Authentic leadershiprequires you to acknowledge your ownweaknesses. "No one person could possibly stay ontop of everything."-Harvard Business Review Champion assignment of coming to class unprepared;it's tough feelingimperfect, but the discomfort passes. "If you tell a true story, you can't be wrong."-Jack Kerouac,Fire Starter Sessions Metric/Tactic:Reframe thinking from "I messed that up" to "there is something to work on."Take on a new hobby thatI won't be naturally good at, and practice reframing my mindwhen I think I have failed at it. Fast Company:Reframe your state of mindregarding failure. Think about "fallure." Maybe the worst that happensis ending up right where you are.
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