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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 IMPERIALISM IN INDIA IMPERIALISM IN INDIA First, the sepoys arrive!Eventually, British Raj is formed.In 1757, the Plassey battle takes place between the British East India Company and the Indian army. Led by Clive Robert, the British win and control northern India. The British divide it into presidencies and supported by princely states, they gain more power.In the 1800s, Lord Charles Cornwallis reduces the influence of the British. What about the nabobs? PROUDNABOB A nabob was someonewho went to India tomake a large profitand then returns toEurope with a lot ofmoney! And the Plassey battle? A battle in 1757 between the British East India Company and the Indian army. Clive Robert led the British to victory.This led to British control of northern India! IMPERALISM IN THE PACIFIC IMPERALISM IN THE PACIFIC In the 1760s, Europeans begin to arrive. Hawaii Captain James Cook introduces Hawaii to the west from 1777-1779! He made the Hawaiian prince unify his kingdom, thus imitating the West. Eventually, the prince unifies the islands around 1810.Royalty in Hawaii soon begins to mimick the West, such as their palaces. In 1819, Protestant New Englandarrives and converts people to Christianity.However, by 1850, only 80,000 Hawaiians have not died from disease.To replace the dead, Asians, such as Chinese and Japanese, begin to arrive. Quickly, others arrive to take advantage of Hawaii, such as ports for whalers.The Hawaiian monarchs decline 1872 shortly before the U.S.A. claims Pearl harbor in 1887 for sugar exports. By 1898 the U.S.A. claims the Hawaiian islands. Missionaries Missionaries tried totake away nativeHawaiian culture byforcing them to wearnew types of clothingcalled muumuus! Missionaries alsoformed a schoolsystem and by1831 had50,000students. New Zealand In the 1790s, merchants and whalers built theirfirst settlements on the coast. Maori, the inhabitants of New Zealand, traded with them for firearms. By 1814, Christian missionaries formed their first station and in 1850 British farmers and merchants arrived. The British decided they wanted New Zealand for theirempire, thus several battles begin. Eventually, New Zealand is added to the British empire. What happened to the Maori? Killed by diseases. By 1840,only 80,000 to 90,000 wereleft. Learned European laws toprotect themselves.Convert to Christianity. Use Western education.Get immunity from disease. South Africa South Africa In 1843, the British formed the Natal colony.By 1850, the Boer Republics were formed to stop British power. However, they founddiamonds and metals, so more British arrived in 1860. In 1899-1902, the Anglo-Boer War occured over Boerindependence. The British won. Cecil Rhodes British entrepreneur who usedthe weak political times toget Boer resources. He wantedthe Boer War to occur to stopBoer independence.
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