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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 91% 9% The MDG's (millennium development goals) are goals that were set in 2000 that were targeted to reach by 2015. One of the goals was to achieve primary universal education. That's what this info graphic is about. One organization that has helped support universal primary education is Impact Network. They are focused on the small country of Zambia Africa. Impact Network was founded by Dan Sutera in 2008. Dan already spent ten years making companiesthat helped support other world problems. Dan met two other activists that wereworking in Zambia. David Seidenfeld and Mike Weiss were working in Zambia in Peace Corps. The three men decided to build impact network together. They started to build schools in Zambia so that there would be more places forchildren to learn. Failing The E-school 360 is controlledby tablets and projectors thatthe teachers and students can learn from pre made lessons There are now ten running schools that impact network have built and there are E-school 360 devices in all ten schools There are four professional staff that have to travel by motorbike to get to each school that they needto. They soon realized that the teachers weren't good enough alone to handle the classes so Dan, David and, Mike builta teaching system called the E-school 360 To help support the cause go To the Impact Network web page and in the top right there is a button saying "donate now" the cost is just three dollars a month. If you want to go ahead of donating you can give a kid scholarship. Go to the bottom of the first page and you will see a button saying give a scholarship. If you do either of these things the students in Zambia will be very greatfull. Thanks to Impact Networkthere has been a increase in Zambia in math by 75%, in reading there was a 44% increase, and it all costs 77% less than governmental schools. 91% of students are failing to meet desired standeredsin Zambia "Impact Network" Math Reading Cost
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