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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Wade's German immigration Easelly. Many Germans that cameto America were fairly wealthy, or found jobs immediately. Their already existing wealth gave them a solid head start when the came here. This picture shows manysemi-wealthy German businessmen in America. Wealthy Germans settled inthe Northern/North EasternUnited states mostly. The firstmajor German town in the U.Scalled German town. It wasfounded by Franz Daniel pastor. It was located in Pennsylvania.This picture shows one of the many large mansions in GermanTown. Many Germans came to Americaseeking religious freedom.They came because at thetime many people in Germanywere Roman Catholic, and resented jews. Later on more freedomwas given to Germans so immigrationslowed. This picture illustrates how many Germans wanted to have religious freedom. Some German immigrants werenot wealthy right when they came to America, so they couldn't pay their wayacross the ocean. So they made deals with American farmers to payfor their voyage. In return for that they would work for they would work for that farmer for5-7 years to pay them back. The Germans were so numerous in Iowa, Nebraska, and Wisconsin that these stateswere called the German trianglebecause of their high Germanpopulations. They moved north afterthey arrived in Louisianaafter their sea voyage, andpayed their way up the mississippi,with money they earned cotton farming.This gave the cotton industry a huge boost during this time.
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