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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 PARENTS AND CHILDREN ALEC KUKLISH Parents are legallyresponsible for theirchildren in many waysThey must provide thenecessities of life. They must provide social andmorale development, andmust control/supervisetheir children. Paternity- Paretns, even if not married, must support theirchildren. It is the job of state lawyers to assit in finding missing parents and to help mothers and fathers prove paternity. Support- The parents must provide food, clothing, shelter, education, and medical care.The amount amount of support depends on whats afforableto the family. Emancipation- Parents arenot usually required to givefinancial support to an adultchild. It takes place when the child reaches adulthood.Age 18 in most states. Alsooccurs when the child getsmarried, joins armed forces,or becomes self-supporting. Education- All childrenhave the right to a freepublic school. School isrequired for child 7-16years of age. State lawsvary. Parents who fail to send child will be fined orarrested. A child whomisses school withoutjustification is truant Medical Care- Parents mustprovide proper medicaland dental care. Child needs permission to obtain medical treatment. Parents may decide whats best for their child as long asits not abuse or neglect. Discipline- Parents have the right and a duty to supervisetheir child. Children who disobey their parents or runaway from home may be charged as status offenders.Almost all states hold parentscivilly liable for certain actsof their minor children. Child Abuse- Takes many forms. Child neglect occursmore. This includes failureto properly feed,clothe,shelter,educate,supervise,or attend medical needs. Abuse is anyadult inflicts or threatens toinflict physical, sexual, or emotional harm on a child. Sexual Abuse- Sexual fondling, using a child in pornography,and making a child view pornography all constitute sexual abuse, along with other forms of sexual contact. Theabuser can be an older child,an adult, or even a parent.Child sexual abusers prey ona child's obedience,trust,and embarrassment
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