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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Origin--Hades saw how beautiful the princess of Pompeii Denacius were, and he falls in love with her--one day, he took advantage of Denacius.--She get Pregnant, BUT Hades does not know.--Out of shame, she threw the baby down to the cliff.--The baby survived in the sea, found by a Underwater dweller Ohmeus.--He named the boy Illidan "the stormrage", for there were huge storms even Zeus can't stop.--Illidan grew up never knew who his real parents were. --Illidan was able to live like any other undersea dwellers. Illidan "The storm Rage" -- fall of the Olmpian Regin The Prophecy--Mother Gaea said the son of Princess Denacius will bring an end to the rule of the Olympians.--Afraid of the Prophecy, Zeus sent Hades to kill Denacius.--Hades destoryed the city of Pompeii by lauching Hell fire out of earth which are lethal to everything.(cosmological, explaining the fall of Pompeii)--Illidan happens to be in the city.--Illidan was the only survivor because he was the son of Hades, thus he can resist and command the hell fire. --Hera found the survivor, out of pity, she took her as son back to Olmpia. Life on Olmpia--Illidan was accepted quickly by the Olympians becasue Hera trusted him most, even more than Zeus.--Zeus and Ares didn't like Illidan because he thought Illidan was a mortal, and Ares was Hera and Zeus' own son.--One day, while Hera was gone, Ares came in attacked Illidan. --Illidan was able to defeat Ares, but when Zeus came, Ares said Illidan attacked him first.--Zeus sent Illidan down to the Underworld to be kept with the Titans. Slay of Hades--One day, when Cebreus was tortuing the Titans, Illidan commands the Cebreus to stand down, and he freed the Titans on his way out.--Hades tried stop them was Hell fire, but when he saw Illidan was not hurt by Hell fire, he recognized he is his son. --Illidan defeated Hades. Knowing that Hades was his father, he spared him, but kept him prisoner in the chamber of Titans.--Illidan seized control over the Titans and Underworld.--Zeus saw it from Olympia, he threw a lightening ball to Illidan from Olympia, thinking Illidan is dead. --However, Illidan was heavily damaged, but he used the Hell fire to protect himself, although, his shape was changed. Battle of Mt. Olympia--Illidan and the Titan Army marched toward the Garden of Hera to free Atlas.--Altas was freed but the world was left with no one to carry, as a result, the world was destroyed.--Seeing that Zeus' lightenning ball was unable to kill Illidan, the gods turned away from Zeus. --Hera poisoned Zeus so that Zeus will be weak when he face Illidan.--Zeus is trying again to surpass Illidan with lightening balls.--Hera's poison works, Zeus is vunlerable.--Illidan cut off Zeus' head, his body fell down off Mt Olympia, becoming the new world, his blood became the ocean and rivers, and bring back everything that was destroyed in the battle.(cosmological)--Most Gods were spared, except Ares, who Illidan sent him prison with Typhon for eternaty.
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