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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ILLICIT DRUG USE IN HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS 1 OUT OF EVERY 3 high school seniors used some form of illicit drugover the last twelve months $193 BILLION TOP DRUGS USED IN 2014 MARIJUANA VICODIN INHALENTS 27.2% high school students used an illicit drug in 2014 ADDERALL HALLUCINOGENS MDMA HEALTH RISKS MARIJUANA INHALENTS HALLUCINOGENS TREATMENT FOR DRUG ADDICTION INCREASED HEART RATE BRAIN DEVELOPMENT RESPITORY PROBELMS NAUSEA OR VOMITING BRAIN DAMAGE PRODUCTS ABUSED AS INHALENTS PAINT THINNERS GASOLINE GLUE MARKER FLUID SPRAY PAINTWHIPPED CREAM AEROSOLS INCREASED HEART RATE LOSS OFMUSCLECONTROL NUMBNESS COMMONLY ABUSED HALLUCINOGENS LSD PEYOTEPSILCYBIN PCP 4% OF 12TH GRADERS REPORTED USING REFERENCES Levinthal, C. (2002). Drugs and Behavior Today. In Drugs, behavior, and modern society (3rd ed., pp. 14-18). Boston: Allyn and Bacon.National Institute on Drug Abuse. High School and Youth Trends Retrieved from publications/drugfacts/high-school-youth-trends on March 5, 2015Office of Adolescent Health. Illicit and Nonillicit Drug Use Retrieved from MAINTAIN DRUG-FREE LIFESTYLE COUNSELING DETOXIFICATION MEDICATION THERAPY BEHAVIORAL THERAPY 12TH GRADE 10TH GRADE 8TH GRADE 6% 16.6% 6.5% cost of substance abuse LIVER AND KIDNEY DAMAGE
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