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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Should Illegal Immigrants be Allowed Employment? Thesis:Jobs, we worry about them all the time.But, did you know illegal immigrants could take your job or your future job? Not only they can take your job but they have costed taxpayers billions of dollars! That's why illegal immigrants shouldn't beallowed employment do to how much money it is costing taxpayers andhow many jobs they have taken. Taxpayers have payed over $100 Billionto illegal immigrants. Where is all thismoney going you ask? It is going tounemployment insurance, Medicare, andSocial Security. When they are hereillegally why do they even need those things? With their jobs they send to their home countries over $50 billion and we spend $100 billion so we are basicallysending our money to foreign countries. There are over 11 million illegal immigrantsin the United States. But, 8 million havean illegal job and 3.2 million don't. A illegaljob is when a company hires a illegal immigrants without the proper paper workand they forge it. Imagine, these jobs couldof gone to homeless U.S. citizens. These aresome of the reasons why they shouldn't haveemployment. This is 3.2 Million and 8 Million Isn't all of there working in farms and other jobshelping our economy? Well, because we spend $100 billion they don't come close to makingthat much. Why is this all bad for me and myfamily? It is bad because the taxpayers (us) are going to have to pay more tax so you won'tbe able to enjoy going or getting things. Even though this place is a free country you shouldn'thave someone take you job away from you when they are here illegally. These are some of the many reasons why weshouldn't let illegal immigrants take our jobs.If you disagree with me that's fine but, justknow that they are doing bad things to oureconomy. It's time to start to stop illegalimmigrants from taking our employment!
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